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Coastal Research Webportal

The Coastal Research webportal provides an efficient way to find information on past and present coastal research conducted in Australia. It highlights the breadth and depth of coastal research, as well as a way to find past research, investigate collaborations, promote work, and discover research gaps.  It is a tool through which local councils, prospective clients, and other stakeholders can improve their awareness of the research conducted in their area. 

The portal uses short, plain English, acronym-free research summaries and provides further data links (under Creative Commons license). 

To learn more visit the new Coastal Research Webportal and login/register to add your coastal research (past and present).  For more information contact Toni Cannard. 

The Coastal Research Web Portal is an Australian Coastal Ecosystem Facility (ACEF) project under TERN, funded by ACEF and CSIRO. TERN is supported by the Australian Government through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy and the Super Science Initiative.  


Models are a good tool for providing understanding of systems and the implications of different management options. The Ningaloo-InVitro model uses a whole of system model to explore potential futures for the Ningaloo-Exmouth region under a wide range of development scenarios and management options. The soon to be active ReefTime website will be a means of exploring the library of outputs from the Ningaloo-InVitro model.

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Ningaloo atlas

The Ningaloo Atlas is a partnership between many research providers to develop a portal of information about Australia’s tropical terrestrial and marine environments. Over the last decade a large amount of research data and information has been generated for the Ningaloo region, both in marine and the terrestrial tropical ecosystems, and the Ningaloo Atlas aims to increase accessibility to this information. Visit the Atlas by clicking here.

Ningaloo Uncovered

Ningaloo Uncovered provides insights into the effects of different kinds of tourism development on the Ningaloo Coast in Western Australia using Curtin University and CSIRO research and data collection. This easily accessible site gives you the chance to explore a range of effects (tourism expenditure, employment, water use, fishing trips) of different development and marketing decisions in a much loved tourism region. Visit Ningaloo Uncovered by clicking here.

iVEC - The hub of advanced computing in Western Australia

iVEC is an unincorporated joint venture between CSIRO and the four public WA universities. It was established to foster and promote scientific and technological innovation through the provision of supercomputing and eResearch services to the research community, commercial organisations and government agencies.  Visit iVEC by clicking here.

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