WAMSI Node 3 Projects

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3.1    Biodiversity assessment and development of cost-effective monitoring protocols                 Andrew Heyward, AIMS 
3.1.1      Deepwater communities at Ningaloo Reef                                         
    3.1.1a  Deep water habitat types                                             
Andrew Heyward, (AIMS)  
    3.1.1b  Fish biodiversity associated with habitat types in sanctuary and adjacent zones    
Ben Fitzpatrick, (UWA)   
    3.1.1.c  High resolution data on cross shelf bathymetry and sediment facies Rob McCauley, Emily Twiggs, (Curtin)  
  3.1.2  Methods of monitoring the health of benthic communities at Ningaloo Reef Andrew Heyward (AIMS)  
  3.1.3 Stock assessment of target invertebrates at Ningaloo reef Andrew Heyward (AIMS), Euan Harvey (UWA  
  3.1.4 Local and regional migratory patterns of whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef Mark Meekan (AIMS)  
 3.2 Biodiversity assessment, ecosystem impacts of human usage and management strategy evaluation 
Russ Babcock,
   3.2.1 Diversity, abundance and habitat utilisation of sharks and rays  John Stevens (CSIRO)  
   3.2.2 Ecosystem impacts of human usage and the effectiveness of zoning for biodiversity conservation  Russ Babcock (CSIRO)  
     3.2.2a Effectiveness of sanctuary zones for protecting exploited subtidal fish species  Russ Babcock (CSIRO)  
     3.2.2b Effectiveness of sanctuary zones for protecting exploited intertidal invertebrate species  Bob Black (UWA)  
     3.2.2c Assessment of trophic cascade effects  Glen Hyndes (ECU)  
   3.2.3  Management strategy evaluation  Rich Little (CSIRO)  
 3.4   Characterisation of geomorphology and surficial sediments
Prof Lindsay Collins,
 3.5   Characterisation and modelling of oceanographic processes
Prof Charitha Pattiaratchi
   3.5a Assessment of the dominant hydrodynamic processes in the reef lagoon system Graham Symonds (CSIRO)  
   3.5b Numerical simulation fo waves, currents, sediment transport and particle dispersion in a shallow complex reef environment  Ryan Lowe UWA)  
   3.5c Assessment of the near4-reef oceanic processes on organism –scale nutrient dynamics Anya Waite (UWA)   
3.8  Northwest Marine Research Inventory  Chris Simpson - DEC  
3.9  Post-graduate seed funding program   
  3.9.1 Deepwater communities at NMP and ecosystem impacts of human usage and the effectiveness of zoning for biodiversity conservation  Ben Fitzpatrick (UWA)  
  3.9.2 Characterisation of geomorphology and surficial sediments  Emily Twiggs (Curtin)  
  3.9.3 The policy relevance of Choice Modelling: an application to Ningaloo Marine Park  Abbie McCartney (UWA)  
  3.9.4 Quantifying impacts of the Leeuwin current on the ecology and biogeochemistry of the Ningaloo Reef  Cecile Rousseaux (UWA)  
  3.9.5 The population dynamics and habitat usage of Sousa chinensis and Tursiops truncatus in the NMP  Kristel Wenziker (Murdoch)  
  3.9.6 Hydrodynamic processes in the Ningaloo reef system over a range of space and time scales  Soheila Taebi (UWA)  
   3.9.7  The role of microbial communities in reef building corals along the Ningaloo Reef, WA   Janja Ceh (Murdoch)  
 3.10   Assessment of the Groundwater system and its linkages to the NMP  Lindsay Collins- Curtin  
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