Ningaloo Collaborative Cluster

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1    Habitats and Biodiversity of Ningaloo Reef lagoon                 Andrew Heyward, AIMS 
Hyperspectral mapping- Bathymetry
Merv Lynch, Curtin                               
  1.2  Hyperspectrral Mapping – Habitats Halina Kobryn, Murdoch  

Biodiversity – soft corals, macroalgae and macro   invertebrates     


Mike Van Keulen, Murdoch  
 2 High resolution mapping of reef utilisation by humans at Ningaloo
Assoc. Prof. Lynnath Beckley, Murdoch
 3 Social and economic assessment of tourism along the Ningaloo Coast: a dynamic modelling approach
Prof. David Wood, Curtin
   3.1 Continuation of long term survey of visitation David Wood, Tod Jones, Curtin  
   3.2 Environmental load survey of accommodation providers                  Michael Hughes, Tod Jones, Curtin, Karin Schianetz, UQ  
   3.3 Resident survey of social impacts of tourism Marg Deery, VU, Liz Fredline, Griffith, David Wood, Tod Jones, Curtin  
   3.4 Assessment of economic values of tourism Larry Dwyer, Ray Spurr, UNSW, David Wood, Tod Jones, Curtin  

Ningaloo Destination Model for scenario evaluation and collaborative planning


Tod Jones, Curtin,Karen Schianetz, UQ  
 4 Estimation and integration of socioeconomic values of human use of Ningaloo in the MSE model structure Assoc Prof. Michael Burton (UWA) / Dr Atakelty Hailu, UWA  
   4.1 Survey of recreational fishing choices  Michael Burton, UWA  
   4.2 Random utility models for recreational fishing choices  Michael Burton, UWA  

Random utility models for other non-recreational tourist activity choices


 Michael Burton, UWA  
 5  Management Strategy Evaluation for the Ningaloo Region  Bill de la Mare, CSIRO  
   5.1 Linkage and socioeconomic integration for NMP  Bill de la Mare, CSIRO  
   5.2 Qualitative modelling for sustainable tourism development  Jeff Dambacher, CSIRO  
   5.3 Integrated software for multiple use management strategy evaluation  Beth Fulton, CSIRO  
   5.4 NREP Client Outreach  Geoff Syme, CSIRO  
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