Collaboration Cluster Final Reports

Cluster Project 1a: Hyperspectral Mapping of Bathymetry and Benthic Cover

A detailed bathymetry and a benthic cover classification map of the Ningaloo Reef was derived from airborne remotely sensed imagery on a scale of 3.5m, one of the most extensive, fine scale mapping programs every attempted.
Klonowski, Lynch, Fearns, Majewski & Gray (2011)
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Cluster Project 1b: Habitats of the Ningaloo Reef and adjacent coastal areas determined through hyperspectral imagery.

This study comprised two components: mapping the marine habitats of Ningaloo Reef and characterising the landscape of coastal areas adjacent to along the Ningaloo Marine Park 
Kobryn, Wouters and Beckley (June 2011)
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Cluster Project 1c: Biodiversity and ecology of the Ningaloo Reef lagoon

This project focused on identifying and quantifying soft corals, sponges, echinoderms (urchins and sea cucumbers) and seagrasses throughout the Ningaloo Marine Park. 
van Keulen & Langdon (March 2011)
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Cluster Project 1d: Assessing invertebrate biodiversity on Ningaloo Reef

This study examined the validity and efficacy of two easily characterised levels of surrogacy to predict the species or taxon richness.  The two groups investigated were hard corals and benthic macro-invertebrates.  The efficacy of surrogates was examined across two regions of Ningaloo Reef. 
Skilleter, Loneragan, McCarthy & Kobryn (December 2011)
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Cluster Project 2: Human use of Ningaloo Marine Park

This project has provided benchmark data on the recreational activities and distribution patterns of visitors to Ningaloo Marine Park under the provisions of the 2005-2015 Management Plan.
The data from this project are appropriate for management and monitoring, and are well-suited for use in conservation planning for the next iteration of the management plan.
Beckley et al (February 2010)
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Cluster Project 3: Socio-economics of Tourism

This project developed a scenario planning tool (dynamic model) for tourism development that estimates the social, economic and environmental impacts of tourism management and planning decisions - the Ningaloo Destination Model.
Jones et al (June 2011)
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Cluster Project 4: Estimation and integration of socioeconomic values of human use of Ningaloo

Development of site choice models for Ningaloo and used these models to evaluate economic surplus value (or economic welfare) changes arising from management changes.  Further, the project developed the site choice models into agent-based models that can be used for simulating recreational choices and associated welfare changes under different managemetn scenarios
Hailu, Gao, Durkin & Burton (June 2011)
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Cluster Project 5.3: Adaptive Futures for Ningaloo

This project has delivered a modelling tool for use by decision makers and local stakeholders to support sustainable multiple use management of the Ningaloo-Exmouth system as a whole, with particular focus on the cumulative effects of various human activities on the conservation of the ecological and social values and the sustainable development of the region.
Fulton et al (October 2011)
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Cluster Project 5.4: Ningaloo Client Outreach - Technical Report

The original objective of this project was to map and understand the current decision-making networks for the Ningaloo region and identify key communication functions that need to be maintained regardless of government and other organisational changes.  The project describes the progress in defining and addressing system-wide adoption issues believed to be common to all large scale multidisciplinary research programs.
Dzidic, Syme, Dambacher & Malkin (June 2011)
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Cluster Project 5.4: Ningaloo Client Outreach Community Report

This document is a summary of the Ningaloo Client Outreach research project. 
Dzidic, Syme, Dambacher (June 2011)
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Cluster Project 6: Ningaloo Cluster Coordination and Management

The aim of this project was to coordinate research in the Ningaloo Cluster and to integrate and coordinate research across the Cluster and the WA Marine Science Institution on Marine Biodiversity and Conservation Planning (Node 3).
Loneragan, Abraham, de la Mare, Steele (December 2011)
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